British electronics company has developed a cooking robot for employed persons

The British electronics company has developed an expert robot to solve the problem of working professionals who can not produce 10 or 12 different types of foods, whether women or men are tired of work after eating home after having come home. Cooking seems really difficult, people like this usually prefer to cook cooked food instead of cooking themselves, but doing so hardly on their pocket, people who make this toughest electronic product made by British products. Company Molly Robotics has been found.
Molly robotics experts have been able to develop such skilled robots called “Roboshiff”, which is capable of producing 10 or 12, but 2,000 types of foods. The Roboshev’s price has been placed $ 15,000, it will be presented on a commercial basis by 2017.

مزید پڑھیں  ’اگر آپ اپنے باتھ روم میں لال رنگ کی لائٹ لگا لیں تو فوری زندگی میں یہ تبدیلی آئے گی کہ۔۔۔‘ اس کا فائدہ جان کر آپ فوری بتی تبدیل کروالیں گے

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