Consider major change in facebook’s “news feed”

San Francisco: The world’s largest social networking website, Facebook, started considering separate news feeds for Business.
After the Social Contact Website Wats app, Facebook is also taking major steps for the business community and in this regard, the Facebook administration has called a major change in ‘News Feed’. Users’ photos, videos, messages, family events, ads, celebrities or institutions share their content related to Facebook, through Facebook’s’ news feed ‘but now considering the Facebook administration’ News Feed ‘in two parts Doing it
According to reports, the Facebook administration is testing 6 small countries on this new feature, Bolivia, Cambodia, Guatemala, Serbia, Slovakia and Sri Lanka, which will continue for a month. During this test, a news feed has been kept for friends and family members only when the other news feed has been left for advertisement content that will be used by any company or organization created patches.
According to reports, the main objective of this new feature of Facebook is to pay compensation to those who are running pages of any game, music, movie, news or any small or large organization and if they want to If their news feeds reach the common people, they will have to pay for ads to run.
Facebook officials say that we do not intend to implement this feature across the world, nor do we want to convince Facebook’s commercial pages that they pay us for the distribution. . He said that the aim of this test is to increase the time to stay on the website that people spend while scrolling, but sometimes these tests become a permanent part of the web site, but they never work.
Facebook officials say this test has also affected the mediahouse’s website’s traffic in recent times and if you want to bring your Facebook patch back to the old news feed, you will have to pay for it .
Earlier, Wats app also announced to introduce a separate account for the business.

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