How easily do you get an iPhone password?

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A recent research on San Francisco (News Desk) mobile phone security has revealed an alarming disclosure for iPhone users that their password is more than their concepts.
According to the news editor, Felix Cross, a security researcher, says the phone users are usually sent to system alerts, which apparently appear to be an operating alert of the iOS operating system, but actually to steal passwords and other valuable information. Virus attacks. He said that consumers and technologists who do not even make any difference do not make the difference that they are real alerts or actions for password-making, which are called ‘Fishing Attack’ in the common language. Flexics said that the iOS operating system Has trained users in such a way that they enter information without knowing the popup alert of the popup alert, which could cause a major loss for them. He developed a fake iOS popup based code less than 30 lines, through which some of his users demand their iTunes password for various purposes. They say that these users entered their passwords without any hesitation in fake alert and all passwords reached them.
Felix added that such pop-up alerts can be displayed in lock screen, home screen and inside different apps in which users enter their password injection. Once the password is stolen, the hackers can also use it to access other data on a mobile phone. They encourage users to avoid such attacks, saying that whenever you have a popup alert appear before you Touch the Home button. In doing so, both of the app and popup alerts you used to disappear, it means that it was a virus attack. Similarly, if you only count the password in ‘Settings app’, and do not enter a password in any other alert, you can still be protected from these attacks. This is exactly the same principle that you should never click on the link in the email, but you should always open it by typing the address listed in the browser.

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