“Indians in exchange for credit card details …” Details of Pakistanis’ credit cards Details Gang sold to Indians, what is taking place in return? Knowing every Pakistani will be forgiven

With credit and debit cards, there is a lot of access to online shopping, but with this, there is a danger of theft of the cards and now a gang has come to the scene that is selling details of credit cards.
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According to the Indian media, it was revealed that when a person working in the bank complained to the police that his credit card was used for the purchase of 72 thousand 401 rupees. According to the report, the head of the gang involved in the blast is a Pakistani resident of Lahore.
This gang stops randomly a number of credit card numbers but also important information such as the CVV number, the number of phone numbers and email ids with credit cards, and the ‘bit web’ on ‘Dark Web’. Sells in return Since the Dark Web and Buttons do not leave any trace, it takes butt keys for money using Gang Dark Web.
There is no need for ‘OTP’, one-time password for online shopping in India, but it is not needed for purchase on international websites, so can be purchased by stolen cards on international websites. Is.
According to the report, a Madhya Pradesh police detective became a customer and bought a woman’s details of debit card in return for ‘bit quotes’ and then she was dumped later, after further investigation, after two investigations from Mumbai to 2 members of this gang has been arrested.
The arrested members Rajkumar Palal and Ram Prasad Nadar tried to buy a plane ticket in their name. One of them is employed in an IT service provider, while the other HDFC bank works. Both of them also visited Bangkok, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Dubai on the stolen cards.
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According to Madhya Pradesh cyber cell, the name of the Pakistani person heading this gang is Sheikh Afzal. “It has been revealed in the investigation that the arrested persons buy details of their cards from Shaykh Afzal in return for ‘Bit Cows’. And after selling them forward, he sent his share to his leader. ”
Madhya Pradesh Cyber Cell has claimed that they will soon arrest another gang member of Ganga, which is likely to be further disclosures in the investigation.

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