Look Like a Beauty Without the Sleep – How to Fake a Good Night’s Rest

As we spring forward again and adapt our inner clocks for Daylight Savings, we have to be ready for all those mornings when sleep does not come naturally — a state called “Daylight Savings Hangover.” The fantastic thing is that there’s a way to look refreshed and alert — even though your sleeping program is at the dumps.

Hint 1: Close down it — electronic equipment that’s. Prior to going to sleep, shut down all of electronic equipment — which means TV, personal computer and, yes, your blackberry. These all are stimulants to the mind, and if you are replying emails in bed in 10 p.m., you are likely to have a really tricky time getting to sleep. Hit the power button at least an hour prior to bedtime.

Snoozing isn’t sleeping; it is only prolonging the inevitable.

Hint 3: So now that you are up — do something. Attempt a morning exercise to become motivated and feel energized daily. Just take a fast jog or reach on an early morning spin class. Make sure you challenge yourself first thing and then determine how much simpler your morning commute feels.

Hint 4: Hydrate. Great-looking skin is not only about everything you place on it, but also that which you set inside your body. Limit that morning cup of java, which is dehydrating, and drink a glass of ice water instead. The cold water won’t just offer you a kick in the morning, but also help moisturize skin, leaving it feeling and looking refreshed.

Utilize a hydrating and arousing makeup such as Almay Wake-Up Makeup — a favorite of celeb Kate Hudson. This item includes essential ingredients and minerals, such as cucumber and aloevera, which soothe and moisturize skin. Additionally, it has first-of-its-kind encapsulated water technologies — after the powder touches your skin, it releases a cooling sensation that offers you an extra boost in the daytime.

You have worked out, you have hydrated, you are looking gorgeous. Why deny the body the nourishment it must keep it looking and feeling refreshed by walking out the door without even grabbing a fast snack?

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