How to Prep Your Lawn and Garden for Autumn

As fall colors put within this season, ensure that your all-important house and garden care checklist is prepared.

Even though the yard is often overlooked throughout the autumn, it is really the ideal time to be certain everything is coordinated before the harsher winter elements take hold.


Here’s a list of a Few of the jobs and items you need to add to your autumn checklist this season:

• Keep the landscape. Fluff your mulch using a rake so water may seep in the subsoil.

• Plant fall vegetables. Cool-season vegetable gardens may flourish with the ideal plants — greens, lettuce, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, turnips, potatoes and heaps more. Envision all of the hearty stews and flavorful soups you can make from scratch.

• Maintain muscles relaxed, and remain hydrated. Do not underestimate the autumn sunshine. Summer might be over, but hours of gardening at sunlight can still leave you tired, strained and parched. Should you suffer from backaches and muscle strains, maintain some relief such as Absorbine Jr. ( available. The organic menthol in Absorbine Jr. helps alleviate back and muscle pain to ensure it is a must-have for lawn work.

• Make room for indoor plants. Your container or potted plants will not survive the winter out, so it is time to generate room inside for tropical plants, herbs and succulents. Potted perennials could be transplanted into a garden after trimming the origins along with a few high growth.

• When you arrange your storage area, it is possible to neatly remove all of your summer patio or tools furniture. Additionally, your freshly drained planters will probably have a house next to all of the other substances households collect.

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