Risk to spread “Tone” spread around the world, hundreds died, release high alert about nine countries

According to details, foreign media sources say that in Africa, Madagascar has seen an increase of 8 percent increase in the number of people suffering from pneumonia during just one week. So far, 2,000 people have been affected by plague, 143 out of these two thousand have died. Given the threat of spreading pesticide by the World Health Organization, guidelines have been issued by issuing high alert in 9 countries. According to the medical experts, the disease is a small disease which can spread from a cough, wholesale and well. The death of a plague occurs within 24 hours. According to the warning issued by the World Health Organization, the scope of the recent pesticide spread in Madagascar can spread the magnitude of other African countries, and its duration will be up to 6 months. Alongside the medical experts, he said that if the disease was not stopped, its scope could spread across the world.

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