The risk of Wi-Fi devices hacked around the world

New York: Cybersecurity observers and experts have warned that the worldwide Wi-Fi devices are there to be hacked.
This warning has been issued by the US Department of Internal Security Computer Emergency Response Team that Wi-Fi connections around the world have an error in the system of safeguards, taking advantage of hackers Can access information.
The statement further states that WPA2 protocols are the most vulnerable to running Wi-Fi devices and taking advantage of the weakness in this system, hackers can high-risk users’ privacy privatizations. The US Department has advised customers to make updates by using the company’s WiFi Router.
Microsoft has stated that it recently released security updates for Windows users and those who have made updates or who have restored the auto-updates option on their computer Are safe
Other Internet service providers also urged the users to connect the Internet device with a wire to the computer and do not use the WiFi unnecessarily.

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