Urdu TV Online Social Marketing Scholarships 2017-2018

Urdu Tv Online in short urdutvonline.com  is the platform for providing social media marketing since 2 years.

After establishing a good market and customers relations, our team decided to award $2549 scholarship for students. We keep this scholarship only for students who currently really need it and enrolled in colleges, universities or even in high schools. Our main purpose is to give back to the community and to help students in their financial problems for studies.

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  • Anyone who enrolled in any institute
  • Test your English
  • Prepare for your study by taking the most popular and most accepted English language proficiency test.
  • Book an IELTS test




To apply for this scholarship, please read below:

  • Write an article or essay on “Social marketing in 2017”.
  • Article or essay must be 1000 to 1500 words long
  • Your Complete Name
  • Your phone number (we will call you once you are shortlisted or the winner)
  • Address
  • Your Email address
  • School/College/University name
  • Department of studies

Send in your essay or article to the email address found on the website.

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