Ufone Internet Packages 2017 – 2018 | Latest and best internet packages

Before Ufone internet packages here is the short summary of Ufone. Ufone began its services 2001 and is a completely controlled subsidiary of PTCL. Ufone also grew a division of Etisalat in 2006. It has a subscriber base of over 24 million and chain coverage in more than 10,000 locations over Pakistan.

ufone internet packages

Ufone Internet Packages

Ufone is providing very aggressive 3G Mobile Internet. you can do this by dial *3# from 2G/3G authorized device and choose Mobile Internet package at affordable rates.

Daily Ufone Internet Packages

Here are the complete Daily Ufone 3g internet packages details.

Package NameRatesLimit(MB)TimingsActivation CodeFree
Daily LightRs. 10/=40 MB24 Hour*2256#Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Line
Daily HeavyRs. 15/=75 MB24 Hour*2258#Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Line
Special DailyRs. 05/=50 MB01 AM to 09 PM*3461#Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Line
Mega Internet BucketRs. 12/=2048 MB1 AM to 8 AM*550#

3 Day Ufone Internet Packages

Here are the complete 3 DayUfone 3g internet packages details.

Package NameRatesLimit usage(MB)TimingsActivation CodeFree
3 Day BucketRs. 25/=100 MB24 hour*3350#Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Line 

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Weekly Ufone Internet Packages

Here are the complete Weekly Ufone 3g internet packages details.

Package NameRatesUsage Limit(MB)TimingsActivation CodeFree
Super InternetRs. 100/=1024 Mb7 Days*220# 
Weekly LightRs. 50/=250 Mb24 hour*7811#Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Line 
Weekly HeavyRs. 125/=500 Mb24 hour*7815#Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Line 

Monthly Ufone Internet Packages

Here are the complete Monthly Ufone 3g internet packages details.

Package NameRatesData Usage(MB)TimingsActivation CodeFree
Monthly LightRs. 250/=1,024 Mbs24 hour*7807#Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Line
Monthly HeavyRs. 500/=3,072 Mbs24 hour*803#Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Line
Monthly MaxRs. 1,000/=10,240 Mbs24 hour*5100#Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Line

Ufone Internet Packages

Package NameRatesData Usage(MB)TimingsActivation CodeFree
Social DailyRs 05/=100 Mb24 Hour*4422#Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp
Daily ChatRs.05/=10,000 SMS
+ Unlimited Whatsapp
24 Hour*3465#Whatsapp
Social MonthlyRs.50/=Free Usage on
Facebook, Twitter & Whatsapp. 
30 Day*5858#Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp


*WhatsApp calls will be charged for the Package resources.
*WhatsApp calls will be charged to default Mobile Internet price. 

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Terms & Conditions:

  • A FUP of 500 MBs per day will be applied to Dialy Light, Daily Heavy, Special Daily & Daily Chat buckets.
  • All buckets are valid for prepaid customers only
  • Buckets can be subscribed by dialling *3#
  • All prices are inclusive of taxes
  • Fair Usage Policy of 100MB applies on Social daily bucket
  • Fair Usage Policy of 1GB applies to Social monthly bucket
  • Weekly 3G Bucket is allowed for multiple subscriptions.
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