WhatsApp new Feature

New York: Watts app’s most popular Internet application has introduced the option to delete messages sent to others.
Occasionally, the message goes wrong with another person or group, which often causes frequent embarrassment. The Wats app has introduced a new feature for one billion users, under which you can delete messages sent to others. Under the new option, the user can delete it from a group or chat within 7 minutes after sending the message, but it will not be deleted after 7 minutes.
The Wats app has introduced two options for Delite for Avery One (Delite Sub) and Delite for Me (Delete only for me). According to the first option, all the members in the Sent Messages group will be delayed and it will be written ‘This Message has been Deleted’. The message in the second option will reach everyone and only you will be delighted.
This feature introduced by the Wats app is for all iPhones, Android phones, and windows. For messaging delays, both the sender and the recipient have the latest version of the Wats app installed. It is clear that Whatsapp administration was working on this option for a year.
The way to delete a message is that open the chat in the Wats app where to delete the message from. Press the message and then go to the menu option and select ‘Delite for every’ or ‘Delite for Me’. Users will need to install the latest version to get this feature.

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